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Akshara Koti Dhanvantari Japa Yajna - Seeking the divine intervention to safeguard the world..






ॐ धं धन्वन्तरये नमः   oṃ dhaṃ dhanvantaraye namaḥ

               In collaboration with Samhithaa Trust and Sadhanaganga

                       About the Program -

What is  Akshara Koti Dhanvantari Japa Yajna?

Reciting the Dhanvantari mantra for 80 million times and offering the Tinospora cordifolia or Guduchi  and The ghee, in to the fire for 80000 times  with the Dhanvantari Mantra. 

How to Participate

First you must be a registered user for the website. Create an account, if necessary, then login. Then click the “My Account” button at the top of the page.

Then click on the “Dhanvantari Mantra” tab to view and to enter the number of repetitions that you have chanted.

What is Yaga and For what ? 

Yaga is a tool through which we can fulfill our desire's or through which we can avoid the negativities and  build the positive vibration .Because of the different reasons world is suffering a lot. Through this  ritual we are praying for the world. 

The Sanskrit word Yaga is originates from the Sanskrit verb – YAJ = to do fire sacrifice. Yaga is in fact a combination of rituals recommended by Veda/Tantras and  Scriptures. These rituals include  Fire Sacrifice, Japa or Recite of a particular quantity of a Particular Mantra which is either from Veda,Tantra, Purana from a scripture derived from Veda. These  Mantras are perfect in rhythm and therefore very effective in generating fast energies for the purpose that help targeted person to get healed or helped by nature.

Why Dhanvantari Yaga ?

A Yaga is always purposeful, even though the aim may be as general as sustaining the natural order of the universe. The correct performance of the ritual and recitation of the necessary mantras, or sacred formulas, are considered essential, and the performer and the objects employed must all be in a high state of purity.

Dhanvantri Yaga  is performed to cure any type of illness-  like universal struggle, and physical mental spiritual illness. Thereby increasing body strength and restore it with full energy. Lord Dhanvantri blesses one with longevity.

Dhanvantri Yaga is performed by invoking Lord Dhanvantri followed by the chanting of Dhanvantari Mantra for health and then performing the Yaga with  medicinal herbs, this emits medicinal properties all across the universe, thereby alleviating all your physical ailments. This Yaga is a powerful remedy to restore one’s health and helps one to recover from any great illness or physical/mental ailments. Now seeking the divine intervention “to safeguard humanity from the dreadful virus we are planning to perform.

Why  80 million recitation  and why 80000 times Offerings?

According to scriptures mantra can make the impact on the nature and on the individualTo experience the energy of the mantra we need to recite the mantra for many times. As many letters are there in the mantra so many 100,000 or 100,00000 times we need to recite the mantra and need to do the offerings into the fire with the same number. Using this guidance we are reciting the Dhanvantari mantra for 80 million times and doing the offering for 80000 times. Definitely this great ritual will help us safeguard the world and the individual.

How do we do it?

The energy of the ritual should spread into the entire world, hence we are looking the people from the entire world who can recite this beautiful mantra from their place. We need to complete 80 million of recitation Before the 14th of April 2021. Hence we need the people who can recite the mantra for 20 minutes per a day. We can recite almost all 1000 mantras within 20 minutes. If we chant for 4 months we will be able to complete 120000 recitations. Let us do together let us safeguard the world, please join your hand in recitation.

On 21st of April 2021 we are performing the fire ritual in which we are offering herbals for 80000 times by which we are trying to seek the divine intervention “to safeguard humanity from the dreadful virus.”



What is my part in it ?

Do the recitation, help other people to take up it, let us complete the 80 millions of recitation together.

We need the volunteers, who can help us to spread the Mantra in different part of the world.

During the ritual we need the volunteers who can help us for the arrangements.  


What is the Mantra?

धं धन्वन्तरये नमः   o dha dhanvantaraye nama

Lord Dhanvantri is one of the most popular manifestations of Lord Vishnu. Lord Dhanvantri emanated from the milky ocean when the gods and demons churned it in pursuit of the immortal nectar. Lord Dhanvantri is considered the Father of Ayurveda medicine. He is the ultimate healer and the most benevolent Lord who removes all fears and diseases from the face of humanity. Chanting the  Mantra of Lord Dhanvantri will help alleviate the sufferings of humans and promote happiness and prosperity.

Should I contribute anything other than this recitation?

Recitation is the great contribution which you are doing. 

Of course, if you can do the charity that would be even more helpful for us. That will be great support for the Ritual.

In Sanskrit charity is called DANA.

 Dana is giving with Shraddha, faith and sincerity, when a worthy recipient has arrived. Both the giver and the accepter should have Shraddha and should follow Dharma.The giver should maintain both external and internal purity while giving the Dana. The amount of wealth that is gifted is immaterial, however less it might be. The wealth being given in Dana should be without any encumbrances, should have been earned by one’s own efforts in a righteous manner. Dana should not be given to a person, who is unwilling to accept it.

If you want to contribute (DANA) you can use the details below.

For all the people. 

Account holder Name -SADHANAGANGA
Name of The Bank – HDFC
Account number - 50200052996611.
IFSC code is - HDFC0000065.
Address: HDFC Bank #09, near Saraswathi Theater, Saraswathipuram, Mysuru, Karnataka 570009, INDIA


Only for Indians 

Account holder Name- Samhithaa

Name of The Bank –  Canara bank (Syndicate Bank)
Account number - 03132200093551.
IFSC code is - SYNB0000313.
Address- Syndicate Bank, Yellapur, #38 Ward-04, SRILVMUTT, Hubli Road, Yellapur-581359.


We request you to join hands with  us. Let us seek the divine intervention to safeguard the world.


For more details contact –

+918197427463 / +919731355465/+91 9449677863/ +91 9449208616


धं धन्वन्तरये नमः   o dha dhanvantaraye namh