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Samhithaa Trust

Wisdom is indeed the fruit of penance
Founded for: Yoga, Sanskrit, Philosophies, Vedas, Tantras, Spritual Studies, Ayurveda and Selfless Services.


SI.No Project Description Budget Supporters Donation
1 Establishment of Gurukulam to provide holistic Education for individuals and groups of all ages, genders and nationalities. ₹10,000000
2 An analytical study on the applicability of the techniques enshrined in the ancient Sanskrit literature to the fields of modern Education, Science and Sociology. ₹30,00,000
3 Application of the traditional Yoga theories enshrined in the "Yogopanishats" to enhancing the wellbeing of body, breath and mind and to examine and test their effectiveness. ₹10,00,000
4 Compilation of Village Medicine knowledge in order to preserve it as well as make it useful for all. (Video documentary and data collection). ₹30,00,000
5 Compilation of different Yoga methods which have been practiced through India. (Video documentary and data collection). ₹30,00,000
6 Investigative study of Vedic, Tantric and Yogic Pranayama (Video documentary and data collection). ₹6,00,000
To fulfill our mission and vision, your precious guidance and support is essential.
Bank details - Syndicate Bank, Yellapur AC/No-03132200093551, IFSC - SYNB0000313.

Address- Syndicate Bank, Yellapur, #38 Ward-04, SRILVMUTT, Hubli Road, Yellapur-581359.