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Samhithaa Trust

Wisdom is indeed the fruit of penance
Founded for: Yoga, Sanskrit, Philosophies, Vedas, Tantras, Spritual Studies, Ayurveda and Selfless Services.


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  • Meemamsa Sutra

    Mimamsa Sutras comprise the religious text of the Mimamsa school of Hindu philosophy in the form of roughly 2,745 aphorisms. It is believed to have been written in the second century B.C.E. by Jaimini, who is also sometimes credited with founding the Mimamsa system, although most scholars believe Mimamsa predates him.

  • Vedas

    The word ‘Veda’ comes from the root ‘Vid – to know, leading to ‘Vidya’, knowledge which leads further to vision, meaning revelation, self-realization. The Veda is the book of knowledge of Changeless Reality. The four Vedas form a body of religious literature called Shruti. ‘Shruti’ means ‘heard’, experienced and ‘spiritually revealed’. The realized souls, the Rishis, responded to the divine vibrators around them and in their minds and hearts felt and experienced ecstasy. This ecstasy they expressed in the form of Hymns of praise to glory of nature and later prayers to the gods controlling nature.