SankhyaToday, Yoga is practiced on many different levels and has, in many respects, become disconnected from its basic philosophical roots.  This commentary by Swami Nityamuktanan da is meant to raise awareness and allow the growth of a deeper wisdom in all who are serious students of Yoga and Sankhya.

The ancient Sankhya Philosophy, the basis of Yoga philosophy, is expressed in the sutras of the Tattva Samasa or "principles of truth." While Sankhya philosophy describes the various stages of creation from pure consciousness, through subtle levels of manifestation to the material world, Yoga provides us with a path and a set of practices leading back to pure consciousness.

“The Tattva Samasa is the foundation of Yoga —the basic text of Yoga philosophy. In it the Yoga philosophy is clearly laid out. To understand the science behind the state of highest existence, called Yoga, we must study the sutras of the Tattva Samasa. These sutras need to be explained to help the reader comprehend the text in simple contemporary language.  Thus, the reader’s mind opens to the true understanding of what Yoga is.”