Ahavaneeya Garhapatya DakshinagniDefinition - What does Mimamsa Sutras mean?

Jaimini's sutras have 12 adhyayas (chapters), 60 padas (sections) and nearly 900 adhikaranas (discussions). Later Mimamsa literature simply expounds on the doctrines in the Mimamsa Sutras.

The Mimamsa Sutras, the largest of the philosophical sutras, explains the beliefs of this classical school of Hinduism. Mimamsa emphasizes the Vedas as the absolute authority and as the only source for understanding one's dharma, or "duty." Mimamsa philosophy centers around the importance of verbal testimony as the only way to obtaining knowledge. This “word,” or shabda, system is the Vedic testimony; hence, the Mimamsa belief in the Vedas as the infallible source of knowledge. Further, the Vedas are believed to be self-revealed.

Among the topics in the Mimamsa Sutras are discussion of the importance of specific words and information about rites, ceremonies, sacrifices, obligations, hymns and duties