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30-Hour Certification course on Sanskrit - Chanting & Philosophy

Weekly three days , 1:30hur session

14th JAN to 27th FEB 2019

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

About Course

  • Chanting
    • Yoga - Sutras with Vedic method
    • Tantric Mantras
    • Japa
    • Stotras & Upanishats
    • Vedic Chanting
  • Sanskrit
    • Basic techniques to study Sanskrit
    • Conversation Sanskrit.
  • Philosophy
    • Main Concept from Yoga - Sutra & Bhagavat-Geeta
    • Introduction to four Vedas.
    • Introduction to Six schools of Philosophies.

Information to log in to the course

  • 30-Hour Sanskrit, Chanting, and philosophy course offers a rare opportunity to dive deep into the traditions of Six schools of Philosophy & Yoga and tantric texts, Sanskrit language, Vedic, Tantric & Yogic chanting with authentic traditions, and techniques.
  • Certificate of conclusion will be offered based on attendance as well as completion of coursework.
  • Certificate will be offered by "SAMHITHAA ORGANIZATION"
  • Learners will be provided with study materials.

Learners are requested to provide the following needs

  • Photocopy of ID proof.
  • Passport size distal photo.
  • Request form.

For more details you can contact with following details

  • #04 Dhanvantari 3rd Cross, 3rd Stage Gokulam, Mysore-02
  • Mobile - +919449677863
  • Gmail-